Before I start to blabber away… BANDS who want to play at the Mono Goes Metal
Festival, or to talk to me about working together, or any other PEOPLE who just want
to talk to me:

Please write to leif.drahdk@gmail.com and I will get back to you!

Hello my name is Leif  “Leifur” Nielsen and:
* I love music
* I love to challenge myself creatively
* I love to 
challenge people
* I love to motivate people
* I love to inspire people
* I love to ENTERTAIN people! (and myself)

* Since the early nineteens I have been a music-composer, lyricist, producer, bass player
(and a lot of strange instruments)

* Since 2005 I have been booking for my own bands (ex.January Jaunt, ex.Oziris, ex.stanley k,
ex.The Surfing Henchmen, Horned Almighty, The World State, etc.)

* Since 2008 I have been working as event manager, and through this I have worked with endless of
fine bands (mostly metal-bands)

* I got a little education in studio-technic and music-theory, but most of all I am a self-trained, creative
and  fiery soul.

* People tell me that I am a really nice guy.

* I am married to Signe and together we have the cutest little boy alive: Magne.

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