The World State “FLIER” Ep – Out Now !!

FINALLY!! The very first release from Death Rides A Horse Agency is released.
And the reviews so far is DAMN GOOD!!

“Grandiose and epic rock outside of time”

 “They manages to get the many ends to meet up in a high-ceilinged  and truly ambitious soundscape”

“… with a keen eye for dynamics and suspense. It´s a cool production and it leaves room for the many instruments”

 5/6 STARS  – GAFFA (the biggest musicmagazine in Denmark)

“…their ambient sounding take on rock music at times comes 

off as eerily post-apocalyptic and could easily have been a 
soundtrack to a movie with that focus”
“… it does require quite a bit of attention to listen to, as it seems 
so much work has gone into the depth and detail of it…”
“…a larger-than-life sounding piece of music” (the track ‘Engine’)
7,5/10 STARS
“truly magnificent, genre-distorting rock music””aesthetic tastefully done.”“Flier” is a study in self-control …  dosed with a beautiful focus.”

”The World State’s EP Flier offers glimpses of a masterpiece…”


BUY IT RIGHT HERE (free download included)

(personally signed vinyl)

10 Jacket (3mm Spine) [GDOB-25H3-001]